I've been working in promotional videos for some time now, and recently started getting into creative filmmaking. It's so interesting to be able to take dialogue or story and color it so vividly with visual and music cues. I look forward to doing even more in the future. 



This scripted video featured two of our personal trainers who were, um… very enthusiastic to show their appreciation for one of our members. It was used on social media to generate buzz prior to our Member Appreciation Week, and was used in conjunction with a direct mail piece, oversized signage in our building, digital email outreach, and organic Facebook posts in addition, highlighting activities. This piece in particular got great engagement among our members on social media, and it was undoubtedly one of my favorite projects at The J.


This was a promotional video produced to market a Brewfest The J put on back in October - it featured two of our personal trainers, highlighting events that would be held at the festival - including a “bonus” one. This was used on social media, and was met with so much excitement from our members that we went on to make another video with Ryan and Sylvester! It's true… they're naturals in front of the camera.


I've produced several videos for The J since starting in the marketing department back in September 2017. This was one of the most complex and enjoyable ones - including interviews with several members and staff, capturing b-roll throughout our incredible facility, and telling the story of why the Jewish Community Center is the perfect fit for everyone. 

chanukah workout video

When I found out The J had a dreidel costume laying around, I just knew I needed to enlist the help of one of our personal trainers to put this together. I was met with some strange looks when I explained to my boss I wanted to create a workout video featuring several Chanukah puns, but he let me go ahead. Once we shared it on Facebook, we found that not only did our members love and share it like crazy, but several other Jewish Community Centers across the country did the same. The video was then used the year after to book morning show spots highlight both the importance of Chanukah and membership at our facility.

what inspires you: jwrp

This video was one in a series of three that asked members from different stakeholders in the Jewish community of Louisville what inspires them to give back. This particular one highlighted three women who took part in the Federation-funded annual trip to Israel, and how that trip impacted their own experiences as women of the Jewish faith. These videos were used on social media and at philanthropy events to inspire others to give as well.


This piece was created as an appeal to donors at a fundraising event held for CenterStage, the community theatre at The J. It featured several stakeholders across our community - from actors, to season subscribers, directors, and even a set designer. It tells the story of how the work our theatre company reaches out, and why the arts are so important.


While working for R Strategy Group, I served as a communications consultant and managed social media for the Cleveland Sports Facilities Levy Campaign. Part of our strategy was to get the stories of people whose lives were affected by the very facilities the taxpayers were investing in. I was responsible for conceptualizing, interviewing, shooting, and editing this video. It was then posted on our campaign's website and across our social media channels. 


Strange Company is a collaborative effort with a group of highly talented actors and filmmakers in Nashville, TN. I was fortunate enough to be chosen to write and direct the first season of the series. We are currently in production of our fourth 20-minute episode. This is our first episode, but I highly encourage you to watch through all of them! 


I was brought on by the designer of MagClip to create a video for his Kickstarter campaign. I devised the script, storyboarded out the flow, shot, and took care of the editing (including all graphics and the logo). 


As the person responsible for marketing Startup Weekend Cleveland, I worked with entrepreneurs in the area to showcase what they're doing while getting the word out about the event. I conceptualized, devised the interview questions, shot, and took care of all editing work. I shot this before having any understanding of sound, so pardon the audio :)