What is this crazy thing, you ask? Well, sometimes we have to challenge ourselves in order to motivate and grow. So I created this week-long challenge for myself to accomplish both. For seven days, I'll request one-word suggestions (a la improv) via my Instagram page, and choose the first three every day to inspire a scene or short film. Then write one. That's literally it. A mix of improv and scriptwriting, some pretty rough drafts, and seven pieces of writing with a beginning, middle, and end. Please check back to read these drafts - or follow along and do your own challenge!


Day 1: Kangaroo Court


Not long ago, I had a conversation with someone about how in family court sometimes there are a group of stuffed animals in the courtroom, apparently to calm children down. I found it fascinating, and to be honest, a bit creepy. When I got the word "trial,” this immediately came to mind. Thus, follow the story of John Miles - a dad just trying to do right by his daughter, and the jury that goes on to try him. Dark comedy. 5 pages.

Stolen Treasures.jpg

Day 2: Stolen Treasures


I would never condone sibling violence (okay, I grew up in a large family where things did come to fists from time to time), but it takes centerstage in this short tale of how Brandon came to be in possession of what turns out to be a very desirable item, despite his best efforts. Comedy. 2 pages.

toil and trouble.jpg

Day 3: Toil and Trouble


Anyone remember the Arthurian witch, Morgan Le Fay? Turns out nobody else does, either. But she's still around, whipping up potions, stealing hearts, and trying to keep her life zen. She's not always very successful. Comedy. 3.5 pages.

a rich education.jpg

Day 4: A Rich Education


The professor is an expert on all manner of the Leopold family - which traces its origins back through the life of a historic castle. A group of bored tweens find that they're learning all sorts of things you wouldn't find in a textbook. Comedy. 2.5 pages.

Man on Mountain.jpg

Day 5: The Man at the Top of the Mountain


Jonathan has made his way through a strenuous journey to seek the secret to happiness with the aid of a Nepalese wiseman. He proves to be a difficult student, but learns something (un)expected(?) along the way. Comedy. 8 pages.

The Audition.jpg

Day 6: The Audition


Annie puts everything she's got into this audition, and perhaps they think she's a joke… but maybe she just really knows what sells? Comedy. One page.