My last name is pronounced "Cocoa." As in the hot variety. 

The easiest way to bribe me is with popcorn or Chinese takeout

I was a helicopter mechanic in the National Guard for 6 years. 

I've traveled to Europe, Peru, and even Micronesia - but Montreal is my favorite place. Because poutine. 

My love affair with a well-organized binder rivals that of Leslie Knope

In my free time, I write and direct a comedy webseries called Strange Company

Though I've been here since May, I still don't pronounce Louisville correctly - but I'm getting there. (update: it took me several months, but I got there.)

I make a mean cake

The mountains > the beach, unless I am surfing. But to be honest, I'm happy anywhere as long as I have a book.

I am a firm believer in the oxford comma.

In the third grade I won a lip-syncing contest. I did "Don't Turn Around" by Ace of Base

The last emojis I used were blushing smileypancakes, and rhino

Improv is the most fun thing in the world. You should definitely try it. Trust me. 

Most people tag me as an extrovert, but I have grown to adore time to myself. I would consider myself an outgoing introvert. Officially, INFJ. 


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